Chet and Cap go missing in the Amazon Rainforest.

When Chet and Cap Chickadee go missing after a trip to Brazil to study Amazonian wildlife for Kingdom: Animalia - A Zoology Podcast for Kids, Devon is left worried. Then he gets a text from an unknown email with a recording of the first part of Chet and Cap’s (mis)adventures. What happened to them? Who is the mysterious texter? Where are the Chickadee brothers? Listen and maybe you’ll find out. This podcast is in stereo, so best listened through headphones or surround sound speakers to feel like you're in the scene! Don’t worry, you can listen in other ways!

Where Are the Chickadee Brothers? is a fictional audio adventure from Kingdom: Animalia Podcasts⁠.

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Janice Krim
a year ago

I can’t wait to see how the mystery unfolds and where Chet and Cap are. Uh oh.

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