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  • Do not send personal information other then your email.
    • Do not say your last name. Only use your first name, first initial, a nickname, or anonymous. 
    • Do not share exact location.
    • Do not send other individuals’ contact information.
  • Do not send insulting/inappropriate messages.
  • Only contact for reasons related to Kingdom: Animalia Podcasts (e.g. questions about the shows, riddle guesses, episode suggestions, podcasting tip requests, animal fact quiz answers, being a guest, etc.)
  • When sending a riddle answer or episode suggestion for Kingdom: Animalia - A Zoology Podcast for Kids to Devon or a show-taking-over technique or Ask the Chickadee Brothers question to Chet and Cap, please specify if you are comfortable with your name being mentioned on the podcast if your riddle answer is right, we do the episode you suggested, Chet and Cap use your show-taking-over technique, or Chet and Cap answer your question.
    • Specify if you want your first name or just your first initial said.
    • You can also request that you just be mentioned as “anonymous” or by a nickname.
    • For contact forms, you give these requests in the “Name” field of the form.


If your comment does not follow all of the following requirements it will be deleted by the webmaster.

  • Do not post inappropriate content.
  • Do not post about personal information.
    • Do not post your personal information.
    • Do not post other individuals’ personal information.
  • Do not post age sensitive content.

If you see a comment that does not follow these requirements, please contact us saying the commenter's name, the comment, and the page commented on.

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