Animal fact: Did you know that gastropods (snails and slugs) first evolved 520 million years ago? That’s more than twice as long ago as dinos! 🐌

This is a for kids by kids (and chickadees) animal podcast. Every episode your host, Devon, and his sneaky little chickadee co-hosts, Chet and Cap, will dive into all the facts of one species of animal with jokes, fun facts, and quizzes along the way. You can suggest an animal at and visit our website at So what are you waiting for? Let’s explore this amazing Kingdom: Animalia.

**This podcast is in stereo, so best listened through headphones or surround sound speakers! Don’t worry, you can listen in other ways!**

Latest Episode

E12: Common Vampire Bat

43:23 | November 5, 2023

Show notes

Their bad rap drives them batty!

It’s Kingdom: Animalia - A Zoology Podcast for Kids’ 1st Anniversary! Do Vampire Bats drink human blood (**SPOILER ALERT: NO**)? Do bats deserve their bad reputation? Have people gone to war over bat poop? Did scientists have Common Vampire Bats go to the gym? Are Vampire Bats actually very nice to each other? Today with your host, Devon, and co-hosts, Chet and Cap, on Kingdom: Animalia’s 1st ANNIVERSARY episode, you will learn everything there is to know about the Common Vampire Bat, Desmodus rotundus.

 riddle for the next episode is “I hold the non-human record of knowing the most English words, I come in many different colors, I’m the most common of the pet birds. Who am I?” You can send in your answers, questions, and episode suggestions to and our website is at

Episode art: Uwe Schmidt, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons; background removed.

Further Reading (Experiments):

Common Vampire Bat on Treadmill

Until next time, keep exploring this amazing Kingdom: Animalia.


Kingdom: Animalia - A Zoology Podcast for Kids is an animal podcast from Kingdom: Animalia Podcasts.

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- Pole: Which do you think are cooler, Octopuses or Squids? Published 8/23/2022

Note: This is just for fun. In reality all animals are equally cool.

Octopuses: 3 (75%)

Squids: 1 (15%)

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Devon (Webmaster)
6 months ago

If you notice that the comment format changing and that any comments before the change look weird, it’s not just you. It’s just that when I updated the comments it didn’t translate well. The good news is that they’ll now publish automatically.

Liam — 11/8/2022 5:23 pm PDT
6 months ago

Vote: Octopuses 🐙
They are VERY smat

Jaimie — 8/25/2022 3:24 pm PDT
10 months ago

Vote: Octopuses 🐙
Octopuses! I watched My Octopus Teacher and it was amazing to see how it expresses emotions.

André — 8/23/2022 7:12 pm PDT
10 months ago

Vote: Squids 🦑
They can grow to size of ships, at least in the books I read.

Devon (Webmaster) — 9/9/2022 6:00 pm PDT
10 months ago

The largest recorded giant squid was fifty-nine feet long.

Devon (Webmaster) — 8/23/2022 4:36 pm PDT
10 months ago

Vote: Octopuses 🐙
I think octopuses are cooler because they’re so smart. Did you know they can solve Rubiks cubes and they have brains in their arms? Technically octopuses don’t have tentacles but arms. In cephalopods (octopuses, squid, cuttlefish etc) arms are shorter, more muscular and have suckers going all the way down them while tentacles are longer and only have suckers at their ends.