A relaxing 15 minute, 29 second recording of sparrows chirping and singing

The Songs of Sparrows is a bonus episode with a 15 minute, 29 second, recording of White-crowned and Golden-crowned Sparrows chirping and singing at a large communal winter roost in California. You can listen to this recording while you read, write, do homework, etc. The next full episode will come out in three days on Saturday, December 24th.

The riddle for the next episode is still “My name makes me sound wet but that’s not true, my head adornments are spikey, in winter my eyes are a very pretty blue. Who am I?” You can send in your answers, questions and episode suggestions to animals@kingdomanimaliapod.com and our website is at https://kingdomanimaliapod.com/kazpk.

Until next time, keep exploring this amazing Kingdom: Animalia.


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[Devon] Hello podcast listeners. It’s me, Devon, here today with a bonus episode. The next normal episode — the one I gave you the riddle for — will come out in three days, on Saturday, December 24th. Today, as I said, is a bonus episode. Just yesterday I witnessed some amazing nature. I was on a walk, birding, in the evening when I found a large tree. In that tree there were tons of sparrows. Two species: White-crowned and Golden-crowned. They were in a large communal roost, like the ones I mentioned in episode one, and briefly in episode two. I made a fifty eight second recording of their singing and chirping. Then later I thought: What if I repeated this to make it longer and then published this on my podcast feed for the listeners to relax to? So I did and I have. I repeated it to make it roughly fifteen-and-a-half minutes. I’ve listened to it a few times and found it quite relaxing, and I hope you do too. You can listen to this while you read, write, or do homework. So without further ado, I present to you, The Songs of Sparrows.


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