The big reveal for April Fools 2023!


Let’s see which animal was fake: was it the Sea Pig, the Hammerhead Worm, the Hing-toothed Macaque, the Leaf Sheep, or the Star-nosed Mole? Listen to the big reveal and find out!

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Until next time, keep exploring this amazing Kingdom: Animalia.


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SOUNDS: [Theme music]

BACKGROUND: [Cricket song]

DEVON: Hello and welcome to Kingdom: Animalia - A Zoology Podcast for Kids. It is the time we’ve all been waiting for: The big reveal for April Fools 2023. It’s time to find out which one of them wasn’t real.

SOUNDS: [Mystery Detective sting]

DEVON: So, I’m your host, Devon,…

CHET: …Chicka we’re his Chicka co-host, Chet…

CAP: …Chicka and Cap,…

DEVON: …and it’s time for the big reveal.

SOUNDS: [Snap with reverb]

BACKGROUND: [Crickets fade out]

DEVON: Okay. I’m not going to keep you in suspense any longer. It’s time for the moment of truth.

BACKGROUND: [Timpani drumroll starts]

DEVON: There were five animals: the Sea Pig, Hammerhead Worm, Hing-toothed Macaque, Leaf Sheep, and Star-nosed Mole. And the one that was fake was the… Hin

BACKGROUND: [Timpani drumroll ends]

DEVON: Hing-toothed Macaque.

SOUNDS: [Ta-da!]

BACKGROUND: [April Fools Reveal music fades in]

DEVON: That right, the fake that I just made up, was the Himg-toothed Macaque, Macaca digitodens. Sadly, this year, there weren’t any send-in guesses,…

SOUNDS: [Trumpet whomp]

DEVON: …—but hopefully next year there will—but that doesn’t mean you didn’t guess. If you got wrong, it’s no big deal, because I made sure it would be as hard as possible to guess. I made sure the four real animals were especially unbelievable and I made all the facts for the Himg-toothed Macaque realistic. So their scientific name, Macaca digitodens, though the Hing-toothed Macaque isn’t real, it really does mean “finger-tooth monkey”.

CROWD: {Gasp!}

DEVON: Macaca is the genus of macaque monkeys, and digitodens is a combination of “digito”, which means “finger” in Latin, and “dens”, which means “tooth” in Latin. And the genus macaca, really does mean “monkey”. So Macaca digitodens really does mean “finger-tooth monkey”. The same goes for their Malay name—monyet gigi ular does indeed mean “snake-tooth monkey”. And to go over some of the fake facts, there is indeed no such thing as the Giant Bornean Red Crab, though the Christmas Island Red Crab does exist. Though it is true that many monkeys, including macaques, can have canines that are large and sharp, none of them have ones that are hinged. There are no known mammal species to have hinged teeth. That is all. Congratulations to all of you who guessed it correctly. We’ll be doing the same thing next year, but with five different animals. Newt time send in your guesses… there may even be a special prize. If you want to see the works cited page for the April Fools animals that were real, you can go on over to the page for this episode, which is at There’ll be a new episode out in May.

BACKGROUND: [Music fades out] [Crickets fade in]

DEVON: So until next time, check your animal facts, and keep exploring this amazing Kingdom:… Animalia. Bye!

CAP: Chicka Bye!

CHET: Chicka Bye!

SOUNDS: [Crickets play]


SOUNDS: [Crickets cut off] [Radio signal connect]

BACKGROUND: [Dramatic music plays then cuts off]

SOUNDS: [Crickets plays]

SOUNDS: [Crickets cut off] [Radio signal connect]

BACKGROUND: [Dramatic music plays then cuts off]

SOUNDS: [Crickets plays]

SOUNDS: [Crickets cut off] [Radio signal connect]

BACKGROUND: [Dramatic music plays]

CAP: Chicka The Chickadee Chicka brothers will Chicka takeover the Chicka show.

BACKGROUND: [Music gets louder and then fades out]

- Ends -

Check the Works Cited for April Fools 2023 (AFTER LISTENING!)


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